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Lance, Michael, Lilly, Chip and Dale

     I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family that just increased by 2 with the addition of two little ones named Chip and Dale .  Dads, Lance and Michael, are animal activists and do so much to help animals in need.  They were so wonderful and told me the story of how they were just fostering these two little ones until they found homes for them.  Well, after housing these two pups for just a couple of weeks, it was clear, Chip and Dale weren't going anywhere!   While Chip and Dale warmed up to me right away, it was harder to gain the trust of Lilly, their older protective sister always staying "nearby" to watch over things, but not giving me the full "you're ok" :) .  I think all 3 dogs (and their dads) shined in their photoshoots.

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Day in the Life

I'm not good at self promotion. . . .

so I thought I'd let someone else do it. . .


I just can’t get enough! Every time I look, I discover new images I hadn’t noticed before.

Thank you so much, again, for this timeless gift of a fleeting moment in time. These are absolutely the days we’ll forget. Ordinary, regular routines - daily habits, expressions, interactions, activities - just the average day. It’s like freeze framing my favorite time in life - the now. It pains me to think of how fast time passes. Having this collection of photographs is a clear reminder of how blessed we are - it’s almost an out-of-body-experience every time I open it. I’m never given the chance to watch my day unfold. Page by page, I get to experience a day in our life. I love seeing the kids at school behind the scenes - talking to their friends, concentrating on a task, playing at recess. These moments are imagined, until now. It is a treasure and will be rediscovered often.

Your gift of time, talent and treasure is beyond appreciated. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience your work. You are so professional - from our first telephone conversations last May, to your understanding, flexibility and accommodations in switching the dates around for our numerous “not so ordinary” conflicts.

I will promote your business, as I’ve been doing, with 100% conviction and pride in your service. I do pray that this business takes off for you.

You have a gift to share; people need to experience your remarkable talent.

I’m passing the link on to friends and family! Can’t wait to share:)

Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts!!

Who I am . . .

I remember walking out of the hospital, 3 day old daughter in hand, and putting her in the tiny car seat in our car.  I also remember closing the door, and saying to my wife . . "That's it?" "We can just take her home?"   "No manual?"  "No official 'parent approver' to tell us we've passed inspection?".  "We don't have to take some sort of test or something"?

And that happened TWICE!

Between all the fights, laughs, talking back, silliness and tears,  they are funny, smart, wonderful young kids who amaze me every single day.

They are the thing I'm most proud of. 

They are who I am. 

Friday Night Lights . . .


It's Friday night.

The biggest rivals are visiting.

And I was asked to shoot it . . .

Portrait of a Family . . .


Families all have their own stories.  I had the pleasure of shooting the Barnett family.  This mom and her two boys have been through so much.  Mom has fought Cancer for years going through extensive treatments and pain.  If you've read any of my blog, you probably know that I have lost everyone to Cancer (for the record, I hate the I have to capitalize Cancer, as though giving it some "respect") .   Anyway, none of the tens of people in my life who have had a cancer diagnosis has turned out positive.  Although the Barnett's are not my family, I had this wave of hope when hearing that Mrs. Barnett is now cancer free.  To me, it's as foreign as if you told me aliens have landed and living in my back yard.   And all the time this single mom has had an incredible and positive attitude. With the boys having to be the men of the house and take care of so much, they have both stepped up at a young age and carried a lot on their shoulders.  I feel so honored to have shared this time with them and was part of documenting their history. 

Meet the Hoban's

Had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with the Hoban family.  As it's plain to see, these gorgeous children (and parents) were quite photogenic.  They also ooze personality which I hope I represented in the images.  It's fun to play around with the kids as well to get them excited about taking photos (when they may otherwise not be).  I brought them over and told them to stand behind their parents all nice and sweet, and when I said "GO", to dogpile  on them.  They did an amazing job and we all had so much fun.  Here are a few from the day.  Thanks Hoban family for such a fun afternoon. . .

Chavez Ravine

Not living in the city where I grew up , it's rare I get a chance to take my kids to places that mean a lot to me.  Well, we had a spur of the moment chance to catch a Dodger game during a short L.A. visit.  I haven't been to Dodger stadium in over 11 years (since I moved to San Francisco, I know. . the irony).  One bite of a Dodger Dog threw me back to when I was my kid's age.  I've instilled the proper values to my children (Lakers, Dodgers, Kings), so it's special for them to see one of the places they've heard so much about.

All in the details. . .

There was a local (small) car show the other weekend in the town I live in.  I have to say, I don't know much (ok, anything) about cars, but I thought it could lend itself to some interesting photographs.  I have to say, the attention to detail in these old cars was much greater than it is today.   I even let my daughter take one (she said she wanted to take a "cool shot like daddy")

"Day in the Life" - Schroeder Family

Another "Day in the Life", another incredible family.  As a gift to his wife, Dad bought a "Day in the Life" photo essay for his wife for her birthday.   This was a jam packed, morning to night, event filled day.  I don't know how they do it.  After looking back at this book, and all the different activities, places and things, I'm exhausted! These kids were amazing.  So polite, smart, respectful to everyone, and smiles on their faces.  This day reminded me why saving these moments are so important.  They go by in a an instant.  The days are about "Go! Go! Go!", and by the time you have a moment to breathe, you get to start all over again the next day. 

Tanya and Sean

Nothing like Vacaville in June for a wedding.  Well, was I wrong!  The weather was perfect!  I had been looking at the forecast for weeks anticipating 100 degree temperatures.  But when the day came, it couldn't be more perfect.  The wedding was at Pippo Ranch , about an hour north of San Francisco, a unique venue where the ceremony and reception both took place.  It lent itself to many wonderful moments and images.  The bride, Tanya, was so fun and incorporated balloons and other festive things in the wedding and photographs.  Sean, who is in the Coast Guard, displayed his incredible honors dressed in his military attired.  Besides being such a wonderful couple, they approached the day with such a fun , light, attitude in the spirit of why there were there. . . for each other.  Here are a few from their day.   

Watermelon Face

Ah, Summer Camp.  This this is one of the faces I came home to yesterday . . . 

Father's Day . . .

Take a good look, because it's rare you will see me in a photograph, but as my wife 'jokes', when I'm no longer around, my children will have no evidence that they had a father.  So, I turned my camera (and pride) over to a family member to document a moment in my life that included me on the streets of San Francisco.

My family spoiled me yesterday with cards and gifts and lot of activities.  We got to see an pre release screening of Monsters University at Pixar, and then off to the city for an "Urban Quest".  A trek around an area in San Francisco (Washington Square) to find clues that will all lead us to solve a puzzle to figure out where we will be eating dinner.  A reservation will be waiting for us, but we have to figure out what the restaurant is. 

Thanks girls for a fun day.