Day in the Life

Photography Today, for Tomorrow



The "Day in the Life" Photo Essay is the following of your family from the time you wake your kids in the morning, until you put them to bed at night, and everything in between.

From gently waking them up, breakfast and carpool, to in class moments, on the playground and being with their friends, soccer practice, hair cuts, and the grocery store run, to homework, time with dad, playing ball in the yard, dinner, bedtime stories, and sleep.


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You take for granted what "today" is like.  Those little moments that you think you'll always remember, and then in just a few years, they're virtually gone from your memory.

That special seat your son always sat in, the house your raised your kids in, that little desk in his room that he'll soon be too big for, seeing your child raise her hand in class, those footy pajamas that he's busting out of.


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Let Sees the Day document your family history for not only you, but generations to come.