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Who I am . . .

I remember walking out of the hospital, 3 day old daughter in hand, and putting her in the tiny car seat in our car.  I also remember closing the door, and saying to my wife . . "That's it?" "We can just take her home?"   "No manual?"  "No official 'parent approver' to tell us we've passed inspection?".  "We don't have to take some sort of test or something"?

And that happened TWICE!

Between all the fights, laughs, talking back, silliness and tears,  they are funny, smart, wonderful young kids who amaze me every single day.

They are the thing I'm most proud of. 

They are who I am. 

time. . . .

Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions. 

-John Randolph

As I looked through the viewfinder of my camera at my girls this morning, I had this wave come over me about how hard it is to fathom how much has happened our lives.  Another last day of school, another year gone, another last picture.  There are so many quotes about time, but this one spoke so much to me.  This is the exact age I lost my dad (I was 9 and he was 42 . . ok, I'm 43 now).  Time is constantly the most incredible concept for me, and to this day, I wish I had and endless supply.

That magical moment . . .

There is not much I love more than going to the movies.  (Almost) doesn't matter what movie it is.  Trust me, with two little girls, I've seen movies I would NEVER normally see.  Yet, in EVERY film,  there is that moment , the same moment every time.  My favorite instant of each and every film. . . . The lights go down, the UNIVERSAL logo fades up, and the familiar fanfare vibrates through your entire body.  It's the moment where anything is possible .   My hopes are up that I could potentially see , feel, experience something I've never experienced before.  The HOPE that I will be upset when the movie ends because I can never see it again for the "first time".

Unfortunately, I usually horribly disappointed, but on those rare times, it's magical.

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by Michael Clemens