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Portrait of a Family . . .


Families all have their own stories.  I had the pleasure of shooting the Barnett family.  This mom and her two boys have been through so much.  Mom has fought Cancer for years going through extensive treatments and pain.  If you've read any of my blog, you probably know that I have lost everyone to Cancer (for the record, I hate the I have to capitalize Cancer, as though giving it some "respect") .   Anyway, none of the tens of people in my life who have had a cancer diagnosis has turned out positive.  Although the Barnett's are not my family, I had this wave of hope when hearing that Mrs. Barnett is now cancer free.  To me, it's as foreign as if you told me aliens have landed and living in my back yard.   And all the time this single mom has had an incredible and positive attitude. With the boys having to be the men of the house and take care of so much, they have both stepped up at a young age and carried a lot on their shoulders.  I feel so honored to have shared this time with them and was part of documenting their history.