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Bridges. . .

Living in the Bay Area, your commute is held hostage by bridges. . .eight bridges to be exact.  They can make you (or me) insane when they are the reason your 50 min commute turns into 2 hours.  

However, bridges also function as ceremonial structures.  As in my daughters "Bridging Ceremony" from Brownie to Girl Scout where she literally walks over a bridge signalling this move to the next chapter of her scout life.

Now, to be honest, I've never been into the Boy or Girl Scouts.  But I found myself getting more emotional that I would have ever imagined.  Bridges are also metaphors to times in our lives.  I realized, this emotion I was feeling was not about my daughter getting a new colored "vest", but the bridge between having a little girl , my first born, and having the beginnings of a young lady.  

She is the age I  was when my father died.  I feel as though we're just getting started.  I can't believe how much he missed.        #seestheday

by Michael Clemens