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Lance, Michael, Lilly, Chip and Dale

     I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family that just increased by 2 with the addition of two little ones named Chip and Dale .  Dads, Lance and Michael, are animal activists and do so much to help animals in need.  They were so wonderful and told me the story of how they were just fostering these two little ones until they found homes for them.  Well, after housing these two pups for just a couple of weeks, it was clear, Chip and Dale weren't going anywhere!   While Chip and Dale warmed up to me right away, it was harder to gain the trust of Lilly, their older protective sister always staying "nearby" to watch over things, but not giving me the full "you're ok" :) .  I think all 3 dogs (and their dads) shined in their photoshoots.

If you'd like to adopt a dog, foster one, or simply donate, you can go to Vanderpump Dogs

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When a friend calls and wants you do headshots, it's even more stressful than normal.  I get nervous before EVERY shoot I do.  It's honestly because I want to make people that are paying me good money to capture moments, or family or weddings, or anything , so thrilled with what I give them.  When it's a friend, it's even more nerve-racking.  That was the case in this shoot.  The other issue is that this gentleman is WAY too critical of his appearance.  I understand it because I hate EVERY photo that I've ever been in.  He is similar in that way.  However, he's WAY better looking ! 

We wanted it to say business owner, powerful, fun and san francisco

Well, when it was all said and done, he was actually happy with what I produced for him. 

You be the judge. . . 

Future Star . . .

This beautiful young girl was going on her first audition and needed some professional headshots.  Never having done this before, in my opinion, she "nailed it!".  She was a natural.  She is as lovely a young lady as she is beautiful.  Let this be a lesson to everyone who is camera shy . . . .If you can be yourself and "go with it", (even when there is a giant guy with a camera in your face) your photographs will shine.