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Angelina and Dorin "Sneak Peek"

Angelina & Dorin

From the picturesque Treasure Island, this lovely couple consists of two incredibly genuine people.  It's rare you connect so quickly to "strangers", but from the first time we met, we had such a mutual liking of each other.

Months and months later, nothing had changed.  I got the chance to shoot their wedding at the Aracely Cafe on Treasure Island.  Surrounded by friends and family, the even was full of love.

Congratulations Angelina and Dorin!


Amelia Paris Sneak Peek

Lovely .  

That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Amelia Paris.  From her radiant smile to her beautiful service, Amelia is an incredible young woman.  Here is just one image from her special day.  Congratulations. 


Anyone that's on social media has seen an onslaught of profile pictures with a rainbow overlay. That is , or course, wonderful to show support for something that is long overdue.  My girls and I decided to take a different spin on it. . . :)  (even the sky decided to show it's support) #loveislove #pride




When a friend calls and wants you do headshots, it's even more stressful than normal.  I get nervous before EVERY shoot I do.  It's honestly because I want to make people that are paying me good money to capture moments, or family or weddings, or anything , so thrilled with what I give them.  When it's a friend, it's even more nerve-racking.  That was the case in this shoot.  The other issue is that this gentleman is WAY too critical of his appearance.  I understand it because I hate EVERY photo that I've ever been in.  He is similar in that way.  However, he's WAY better looking ! 

We wanted it to say business owner, powerful, fun and san francisco

Well, when it was all said and done, he was actually happy with what I produced for him. 

You be the judge. . . 

Pride Week Wedding Photography FREE Giveaway

In honor of  Pride Week I am giving away a FREE wedding shoot to one LGBT couple.  Yes, "Free".  No gimmicks, no hidden fees, NO MONEY!  

I will be there the day of the wedding to shoot the couple getting ready, the ceremony and reception.  Afterwards, the couple will get an online gallery with all color corrected images , a download link for all the digital files, and a professional video slideshow.  

There have been so many positive strides made in recent times, that I wanted to keep the momentum going and simply do something nice for a loving couple.

Please fill out the form below and answer two simple questions:  

  1. How did you know your partner was "the one"?
  2. Why do you feel I should choose your wedding to shoot?

If you are reading this and you're not an LGBT couple, and/or you're not getting married, please send this to someone who is!

                         Deadline to enter is 11:59pm on July 7, 2014


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Answer these questions for a chance to win free photography for your wedding day.
How did you know your partner was the one?
Why do you feel I should choose your wedding to shoot?

Self Taught . . .

Periodically, my wife and kids and I will do things to help those in need.  The goal is two fold. . . 1, to really give to those that have so little, and 2, selfishly, teach our children to be grateful for what they have and to realize how lucky they are. 

Typically, our efforts are making 60 sandwiches and bagging them with chips, cookies, water, etc.  They get dropped off at a shelter and then they magically get to the people who need them.

Well, last night, we went into the San Francisco, in the shadow of City Hall (all lit up in Red and Gold after the 49ers win), with sandwiches, water, oranges, blankets, socks, t-shirts, soaps and lotions to hand them directly to the folks that need them.

It was incredibly eye opening for me personally.  Most of the people were so kind and so grateful, but most of all, fair.  They only took what they "needed" and said things like "I already have a blanket, so I'll leave that for someone else". 

I don't know, but I find that unselfishness incredible when each person is just trying to stay alive out there in the cold.

We live in the "me first" generation.  . I see it with so many people that have so much, so to see the direct opposite with people who truly need, blew me away.

As a photographer, I had the notion to bring my camera to document this.   Maybe I'm a bad photographer, but I just didn't feel that it was right to take images of these people as though they were part of a show, so I opted to leave the camera and home.  The only photo I took was with my iPhone of the beautiful lights lighting up City Hall.

Believe me, there are MANY more people out there who do TONS more than me to help others (as a matter of fact, what we did is nothing by comparison to real true samaritan ) , but I hope it taught my children a fraction of what it taught me last night.

Tanya and Sean

Nothing like Vacaville in June for a wedding.  Well, was I wrong!  The weather was perfect!  I had been looking at the forecast for weeks anticipating 100 degree temperatures.  But when the day came, it couldn't be more perfect.  The wedding was at Pippo Ranch , about an hour north of San Francisco, a unique venue where the ceremony and reception both took place.  It lent itself to many wonderful moments and images.  The bride, Tanya, was so fun and incorporated balloons and other festive things in the wedding and photographs.  Sean, who is in the Coast Guard, displayed his incredible honors dressed in his military attired.  Besides being such a wonderful couple, they approached the day with such a fun , light, attitude in the spirit of why there were there. . . for each other.  Here are a few from their day.   

Father's Day . . .

Take a good look, because it's rare you will see me in a photograph, but as my wife 'jokes', when I'm no longer around, my children will have no evidence that they had a father.  So, I turned my camera (and pride) over to a family member to document a moment in my life that included me on the streets of San Francisco.

My family spoiled me yesterday with cards and gifts and lot of activities.  We got to see an pre release screening of Monsters University at Pixar, and then off to the city for an "Urban Quest".  A trek around an area in San Francisco (Washington Square) to find clues that will all lead us to solve a puzzle to figure out where we will be eating dinner.  A reservation will be waiting for us, but we have to figure out what the restaurant is. 

Thanks girls for a fun day. 

Flag Day

On May 30, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a national Flag Day on June 14. Many Americans celebrate Flag Day by displaying the Red, White and Blue in front of homes and businesses.

Instead , we in my household celebrate something much more important. . .

my Father-in-Law's birthday. 

Happy Birthday Kip. 


ol' glory

Matthew the "Great"

I had the pleasure of shooting Senior Portraits for Matthew Magnus (Magnus in Latin means "Great").  Well, "great" is certainly fitting for this young man.  Beyond the knowing smile and cavernous dimples, Matthew is a polite, considerate, and motivated kid ready to take on the world.  Here are some of the images from our shoot this past weekend. . .

Presidio Social Club = Hip

What a cool hip venue this was.

Throws you back into the Sinatra-esqe days.

The staff was incredibly on top of EVERYTHING.

Classy, intimate, clean and a memorable place to have an event.

I felt lucky to have shot there. . . hope I get to do it again.

by Michael Clemens