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Under my thumb. . .

Set an alarm to wake me up in the morning that played my favorite song (snoozed it with my fingerprint)

Got an automatic notification about an accident on my route to my shoot

Checked the weather in my home and shoot cities to figure out how to dress today

Used my last razor so ordered more that will arrive at my door in 2 days

Played a music station that plays tunes based on my taste so I had something to listen to in the shower

Got dressed and checked the stocks for my favorite companies (pretending that I know something about finance)

Looked at images on Instagram of my closest friends and see what they're doing today

Got in my car and checked for the suggested fastest route based on traffic

Set a reminder that when I got within 1/2 mile of the Target near my home, to pick up a prescription that was ready.

Played music for the drive that connected to my car wirelessly

Ordered a coffee at Starbucks and when I arrived, it was paid for an waiting for me

Called my friend on the east coat to thank him for a fun weekend during my visit

Was alerted that there was a new accident and my route has changed to get me to my destination faster

Turned down the heat in my house to a lower temperature because I remembered that nobody would be home all day. (it would do this automatically if I chose to set it that way)

Looked at the shot list and reference material for the shoot next week.

Ordered an accessory I'll need for that shoot next week and it will be at my door by the weekend.

Now at the shoot, set up my camera equipment, set the focus, fstop, iso, shutter speed and fired my camera and strobes from my phone

Checked the images that I just shot on my DSLR from my phone to make sure it was the way I wanted it

Shared that photo with hundreds of my 'closest' friends on Facebook

Was reminded automatically that it was my friend's birthday, so I text him a note wishing him a great day

Got a text from a friend who was at my house because she left her sunglasses there.  I opened my front door from my phone so she could get in and get them.

Turned on the lights in the house so she could see better.

Looked in live to my living room at my house while she was there to make sure she closed the door fully when she left after retrieving her glasses and then turned off the lights and locked the door.

Checked traffic and got the best route home

Got a reminder that the Laker game was starting in an hour, which I forgot to record while home, so I set it to record, with a padding in case of overtime, so it would be waiting for me when I got home.

Played music (on random) through my cars speakers wirelessly

Got a call, which turned down the music in my automatically, and connected the call to my car's speaker and microphone

Booked a client appointment which I told my phone to add to my calendar (which is shared with my wife so we can be up to date with our schedules)

Sent my rate sheet and information about me from my google drive to that client so she was prepared for our meeting.

Saw a guy who looked like Hank from Breaking Bad, wondered what was the actor's name was. Only typed "hank bre "   and my answer appeared . . .(Dean Norris)

Drove near Target which my phone reminded me to stop at and pick up the prescription

Checked on my phone to see the location of my wife and children to see if they were home yet

Since nobody was home yet, I checked the temperature in my house, saw it was a brisk 61 degrees since I had turned it down all day, and set it to 70 for when everyone got home.

Saw an amazing sunset and took a picture which automatically was sent to my computer and tablet as well.

Getting close to home, switched on my lights so I didn't have to walk in to a dark house.

Got a notification that my family arrived at our home.

Sent an eta and live route to my wife so she can anticipate when I'd arrive as well.

My wife texted me to ask if I could pick up dinner on my way.

I ordered and paid for food to go from our favorite restaurant which I was notified would be ready in 15 minutes.

Needed gas so I checked to see where was the cheapest station within a 5 mile radius of me.  

Picked up food which was ready and waiting and paid for and bypassed the line of people waiting to order.

Arrived home.

After dinner, I helped the girls with homework and looked up the answers on my phone to check their work (since there were an embarrassingly large number of questions I couldn't answer of the 6th grade science homework)

Turned on the tv and started the Laker game on the dvr (from my phone)

Kissed the girls goodnight and set my alarm for the morning so I wouldn't forget if I got too tired

Finished the game, skipping all the timeouts, and then deleted it to make more space on the dvr

Got into bed, turned out the lights, plugged in my phone and fell asleep.


After all, my thumb had a busy day















by Michael Clemens