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In a pinch

Got a call from a former groom of mine that he needed a last minute headshot.  We didn't have time to set up lights or a sweep, or anything.  So, in a pinch, how do you get it done fast and on the fly when you don't have the time.  With a white reflector and an off camera remote flash pointed at the reflector, we were able to create a "studio" looking headshot on his front porch.  Using the diffused light from the sky bouncing off of the payment, and the off camera flash to make the white reflector go pure white, we got some pretty good results.  We did the same to get a version against black. . this time, no need to even fire the flash at the black reflector since we wanted to keep it dark.  This helps prove that you don't always need fancy gear to get the job done. (oh, and it helps to have a great looking subject too :) )   

by Michael Clemens