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Star of the family . . .

I remember the very first time I ever met my (now) Father-in-Law.  My wife (then just a 'friend') and I both lived in Los Angeles, and we flew up to spend the weekend with her family.  We got picked up at the airport and met the whole family at a favorite family restaurant.  When I got to the table and was greeted by everyone.   A little while later, while trying to get to know the gang, a random couple approached the table .  They apologized for interrupting our dinner, but they just wanted to say hello and meet my father in law.  They said they've seen him in everything and are huge fans.  Wow!  I'm sitting with some celebrity and I didn't even know it.  

Turns out, my Father-in-Law is a FANTASTIC actor.  He's been doing community theater for years and years.  He is quite well known around the circuit up north where we live.  I've now seen him in MANY plays over the years, and I'm always shocked at my reaction.  I have to say, I've never been a HUGE lover of the theater.  I can somehow get LOST in a movie, but in the theater, when there are real people in front of me. . just over there. . .that I could reach out and touch. . . it has always taken me out of the medium.  I'm too aware that I'm sitting in a play watching people perform.  

That's how I KNOW just how good my Father-in-Law is.  When he comes out on stage, I get very nervous for him.  And I begin to watch and say to myself  "Ha. .I know him".  But after a while, I find that I'm not looking at my Father-in-Law, but the character he's playing.  That is a huge testament to his acting ability.  

I brought my gear this time so I could shoot some of the performance.  Having never shot anything like this, I have to say, it's quite challenging .  

Congratulations Kip on another great run!


by Michael Clemens