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Lewis | Carroll sneak peek

Saturday, I had the honor of shooting my 2nd wedding giveaway (yes, I know I was going to do one).  But Alan and Jim were certainly worth it.  The old adage that opposites attract is so true in this wonderful couple.  They are two peas in a pod, and at the same time, so different in personality.  One camera-shy, while the other relishes it,  one quiet and reserve, the other outgoing and making everyone laugh.   One tall, one (not as tall :) ).  This fun day took place in Pasadena , California which is a SPECTACULAR city.  The day culminated in a cocktail gathering at the incredible Pasadena Langham Hotel.

Here is one shot , that in my opinion, in it's simplicity, truly captures the two personalities.  

Congratulations Alan and Jim!

by Michael Clemens