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who "would" I be. . .

Yesterday, September 3, 2013, was 34 years since my dad passed away. I was 9 years old. It doesn't even seem possible that I'm old enough to have had something happen to me 34 years ago.

I can't help to wonder, as I do often, who would I have been if he had been around all these years?

Would I be be a tougher guy? Would I be a more adventurous guy? Would I have been better with the ladies ? Would I be a better father ? Would I be a better husband ? Would I have exercised more? Would I have gone AWAY to college? Would I be a CELTICS FAN???? Would I be more emotional? Less emotional? Would I like vegetables? Would I be a photographer? Would I have met my wife? Would I have my same friends ? Would my mom, sister, best friends, aunts & uncles still be alive? Would I be less scared? Would I be happier? Sadder? Would I have more money? Would I have ever moved from Los Angeles? Would I have played the piano professionally? Would I have been mean or nice women? Would I have followed his footsteps? Would I be close with him?

Would I have asked "who would I be " ?