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Wedding Crashers!


When your 3rd grade teacher gets married, it's a BIG DEAL.

Last year, the first day of school, Miss Overby started as a new teacher.  From the moment my daughter saw her in her neon pink dress, it was love.  As a matter of fact, that same day, which was short school day, we took the girls to the city for some shopping.  On our travels, there was a pink, neon dress in the same style that Miss Overby had JUST worn that day.  My oldest daughter said . . . "That's the Overby".  Yes, she had become a 'style' already.  

It's wonderful when your child connects with a teacher to the point that she looks forward to going to school to see her.  Miss Overby brought such a wonderful new life to the school.   

My 8 year old started 3rd grade just last week, but unfortunately, she doesn't get Miss Overby...   (because her name changed to Gaab) :) 

Congratulations Meghan and Brian! 


by Michael Clemens