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Bob and Brad Sneak Peek

It would be nearly impossible for me to convey in this blog post just how much love Bob and Brad have.  Not just for each other, but their friends, families, acquaintances (and photographer).

Their stories are both unique and incredible, and finding each other was perfection.  

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.
— Maya Angelou

Congratulations Bob and Brad.  I'm so glad love won!

Gillian and Kevin "Sneak Peek"

Wow!  That's all I can say about Gillian and Kevin's wedding at Wildwood Acres.  Simply magical.  A fun, smart, loving couple, a gorgeous venue, nearly EVERY guest on the dance floor, made for one of the most special weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing.  Thank you Gillian and Kevin for making me a small part of your big day.  Congratulations!  

Shooting as a guest . . .

My family and I were invited to a wedding as guests of the bride.  She has been a family friend for years now who we think the world of.  Naturally, I thought , I'll bring my camera, and I'll get some shots for the couple .  Now, I knew they had hired a photographer, and believe me, I would NEVER get in his/her way because I know what that is like.  If I had a dollar for every time some Aunt or Uncle stood up right in front of me  while I'm trying to get the pivotal shot , I'd be a rich man.  So I vowed, I will not leave my seat during the ceremony, I will not pull the bride and groom aside later for ME to take their photo, and I will not "compete" with the hired photographer.  As much as it pained me, I followed my own rules and got what I could while shooting from the hip. Congratulations Katie and Albert!

Just Married (in style)

Forget limo's, horse drawn carriages. . . leaving your wedding in a classic Impala says, we're married in style!  So many people take their weddings so seriously.  Although it's a serious commitment, it's supposed to be fun and a celebration of the two people .  I love when couples have fun with their weddings.  Not only is it more realistic, but it takes some of the pressure off.  The best advice the priest that married my wife and I (side note, and speaking of "style", the first time I met him he pulled up on his Harley) was that whatever happens, right or wrong, pretend it was supposed to happen.  Nobody will be the wiser.  I've kind of vered off a bit on a tangent, but the point I was making that being married in style isn't just about the wheels. . .it's about the attitude.

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by Michael Clemens