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going commercial (real estate)

A wonderful mom at my daughter's school asked if I would want to do a photo shoot for a real estate deal.  It's nothing I've done before, so I was a bit nervous.  Not nervous that I couldn't get some good shots, but not knowing what people in that industry are expecting.  And, whenever I do any kind of shoot for a friend, I want them to be so perfect.  Anyway, it was fun to do something different and to try and make a charming little house in Pinole look like the home of your dreams.  (and if you're in the market for a house, let me know and I can pass on your info :) )

by Michael Clemens

location location location . . .

We are lucky to have a nice house with a large front yard.  The "negative" about it is that we are in a prominent location in our neighborhood , so there are expectations for the holiday decorations from the  "un-appointed neighborhood judging committee".  My wife is the true spirit of Christmas in our family, and she puts her sweat and muscle into it,  braving the freezing cold, to decorate our big tree in the front of our house.  She kept wanting my help, but I would reach for the camera instead because there were just so many photographs to get.   Needless today, without her , our tree would be quite bare, and we would be the outcasts of the region.