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Francis Ford Coppola Winery

A Saturday trip up to the Napa Valley with the family for the day felt like a get-a-way to a much more distant land.  Spending the afternoon at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery is nothing short of spectacular.  From the private cabines, to reserved cushioned lounge chairs, bocce ball courts, a pavillion for summer evening dance classes, wine tasting, vineyard tours, and pool-side food and beverage service, it's hard to find a more relaxing place to visit.  However, since I'm not one to just "sit and relax", I end up shooting the day's events.

Surrounded by rows and rows of vineyards, it's truly a special place.  There is a large restaurant and bar in the gorgeous indoor marketplace. Inside, it's a mixture between a store with everything from hand-made Italian ceramics, to sketching and painting products.  This amazing building also doubles as a small museum of Francis Ford Coppola's movie history.  From Vito Corleone's desk and chair from The Godfather,  a Tucker ("Tucker") rotating on a platform in the center, and a case full of Oscars.  

Below are images to give you a "taste" of the day.