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"Buddy" Night #5

Last night "Buddy" decided to adorn himself with a handmade sash out of marshmallows.  Sitting in the corner of the bathroom, I think he was trying to make it a little more difficult this time. 

"Buddy" Night #4

Night 4, Buddy reached new heights landing on the "W" way up in the rafters.  Once again, my girls had no trouble finding him as the raced out of bed.  I tell you, I wish Buddy was around every day to get my girls out of bed like that!  Can't wait to see where Buddy shows up tomorrow!

24 Nights of Buddy

Well, our friend "Buddy" the Elf has returned to keep an eye on our house and report back to Santa of all the naughty and nice going on.  He has visited us each year for the past 4 years, and is a HUGE favorite in the house.  We can't wait to see where he shows up next. . 

Night #1