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"Buddy" Night 6

"Buddy" tried to go a little more stealth this night hiding in the middle of a case full of colorful pens.  He is still no match for the keen eyes of my girls. . .

Breaking Halloween

If you know me, you know I love taking pictures.  Pictures of people, objects, animals, buildings. . you name it. . . .EVERYTHING.  Except myself.  My wife jokes that when I'm gone, my kids will not know they had a father because there will be no photographic evidence (although I'd hope they'd remember me without photos).  Well, I had to turn the camera on myself last night.  I became obsessed, like most of the world, with Breaking Bad.  So 6 weeks ago I decided to grow a beard to be Walter White (Heisenberg) for Halloween.  Since I didn't know if I could pull off a goatee, I left the full beard.  Additionally, I didn't want people get "used" to the goatee so I could make a bigger impact on October 31st.  Well, it all came together and the resemblance was eerily similar.  But since I couldn't wait to get the 6 weeks of hair off my face, I figured I should take more than just an iPhone picture and document it for posterity. So I set up my camera and lit myself to try and roughly match the photo that was the source of my inspiration before my alter ego was washed down the drain (literally).