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Would be '79'

A young Burton Clemens

A young Burton Clemens

It's incredible that today would have been my dad's 79th birthday.  There is something so interesting when someone dies so young, 42, (also IN '79)that they are always remembered eternally young.  Other than the obvious reasons, I wish he was still here to see what he turned out to be.  It would give me a little insight into my future (if I'm around that long).  At 45, I'm beyond the age of my father when he passed away back when I was 9 years old.  Looking at the few photos I have of him is so sad for me the older I get.  Maybe it's because I realize now just how young he really was.  Maybe because I can relate what it would be like to leave 2 kids and a wife behind.

Me and my dad

Maybe because I don't know if I actually remember him, or just am I remembering stories, or a complete new person I've created in my head. . it's been that long. 

by Michael Clemens