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Remembering Rodney

I certainly can't claim to have known Rodney Iwashina as well as other at our days at ImageMovers Digital, but I too heard of his recent passing.  The saddest thing to me was that I didn't even know he was sick.  When I heard about the loss, I remembered that I had decided to take photographs of each member of the Lighting/Compositing team at IMD just to remember those times.  People from other departments saw the photos and began coming to my desk to ask if I would take theirs as well.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the whole company, but I did manage to get one of Rodney.  I thought I'd share it for all those who knew him.  And, if anyone reading this knows Rodney's family, please forward this on to them and I'd be happy to send them the portrait to remember him by.  Photography is not only a love of mine, but a real way of documenting moments and people in our lives that we won't always be there.  I'm really glad that the  quiet and reserve Rodney stepped in front of my lens that day.

(and for everyone else that I also got to photograph, you can see all the images in the gallery below)