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I was asked to shoot a 50th Surprise party this past Sunday.  What a surprise it was.  Anouschka, the birthday girl, is from Holland, and her husband not only planned an elaborate party without her knowing, but went as far as to fly her mother and sister in from Holland to be there for the added surprise.  

Anouschka was first greeted by tons of kids along the route leading up to her house.  After the initial shock, her husband pulled up in front to 45 women (and me) on her front lawn for the big party surprise.  As if that wasn't enough, after Anouschka began to gain her composure, her mother and sister came out in apron's and Angelina Jolie masks to serve her a drink.  Anouschka's reaction was nothing short of fantastic from the car ride to seeing her mom and sister in person once they were revealed.

Here are a few from the day (with more to come in a few weeks)

by Michael Clemens