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Shooting for the "Stars"

I received a new lens for Father's day.  It's quite an amazing piece of crafted work itself, but it is a throwback to an 1840 lens that is manual focus and changing apertures is achieved by dropping in various metal plates with different sized aperture openings (will do a blog post on the lens itself soon).   One of the "specialty" aperture plates is in the shape of a star creating a fun star "bokeh" effect (there is a teardrop and a hexagon shape as well).  I tested it out on my oldest daughter who has volleyball on the brain now at all times.  You will rarely see her without one in her hands.  I love to see her enthusiasm for the sport (and she happens to be really good already. . .but I'm not biased).  So what better way to take a portrait of the future Volleyball "star"

by Michael Clemens