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Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers

A few weeks back I got to shoot another story for Zip Car's online magainze Ziptopia.  Below are some of the images I shot that didn't make the piece.

This was about Farmgirl Flowers in the Flower Market in San Francisco.  Their mission statement :

Farmgirl Flowers is different, but not in the "Honey, I tried a new recipe" sort of way you might be thinking. Our goal is to completely change the way flowers are purchased in the United States. Yeah, we like to dream big, and we hope you do, too.

What's our plan? We provide beautiful flowers at a reasonable price, support Bay Area farmers and businesses, minimize our environmental impact as much as possible, and save you time through a simple ordering process.

Christina Stembel is as charming as her flower arrangements (and even at the horrible sunrise hour).  Once again, it was so fun to meet and shoot another local business (and it smelled amazing !!)

Check out Farmgirl Flowers online. .

And, to see more images I shot and the story on Christina and Farmgirl Flowers, go to