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Since posting the free LGBT Wedding Photography giveaway, I've received a lot of incredible entries.  One thing I'm learning is that I have NO idea how I'm supposed to pick one couple over another that is more "deserving" of winning.  Every single entry that I received is "worthy" of getting the free photography shoot for their wedding, but I simply HAD to narrow it down.  That's why I'm turning to you. . .

Please fill out your name and email (and optionally a little something about why your couple should win) and cast your vote for whom you think should win.

Below are the four couples (in no particular order) that I've narrowed it down to and their responses to the question "How did you know that your partner was 'the one' "   (I've changed names to maintain a little privacy)

Voting will end at 11:59pm on Thursday, July 24th, and the winner will be announced on Friday, July 25th.

The votes will be tallied and go "towards" the final decision, but the vote alone will not determine the outcome.  So share with all your friends to make a push for the couple of your choice.

Thank you everyone for your support for these incredible couples.


Couple 1:   Spouse 1 & Spouse 2

There was never a moment when I knew he was “the one.” I don’t believe in “the one-“ I believe that a successful partnership requires hard work, and there’s no short-cut to partnered bliss. Over the last five years as we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve learned that sincere communication is the most important part of our relationship. Spouse 1 is my best friend and I know I can be completely honest with him and get nothing but love and support- and the occasional kick in the butt when I need one. He’s “the one” because I trust him with every secret, every flaw, every imperfection that I hide from everyone else. He’s “the one” because our love and companionship have become the most important parts of our lives, quite without our expecting it. He’s “the one” because he is the person that changed my mind about marriage- we are getting married because we are building a life together, and the stability of a loving, respectful marriage is the cornerstone upon which we hope to build our family.

Couple 2:  Spouse 3 & Spouse 4

After being together for 14 years through thick and thin, we keep smiling and still get goose bumps when we get close to each other. We complete each other’s sentences and laugh constantly. There is nothing that we can’t do together. We’ve raised our pups, our chickens and various amounts of fish during our time together. We’ve also built a house, two decks, several ponds and a relationship that’s bullet proof.

Couple 3:  Spouse 5 & Spouse 6

There is no other more sincere, loving, happy, or humorous person than Spouse 5!! I knew within the first few months after we met in 2001! It’s been an amazing journey ever since!!

Couple 4:  Spouse 7 & Spouse 8

I am so very thankful to say I cannot give just one reason as to why I know that Spouse 7 is the one. Each day presents a new reason, or reaffirms a previous reason, as to why Spouse 7 is the one for me. And for that, I am extremely lucky.

Spouse 7 and I are both animal trainers by profession. We have both established careers working with exotic animals, allowing us to explore behavior and learn how to understand it. One of the first reasons I can recall that began to show me why Spouse 7 was the one, was the fact that his behavior was unique to me. Even more intriguing was the effect he had on my behavior. One of our first encounters with each other was in Hawaii at Spouse 7’s place of employment where he introduced me to one of his co-workers, Makani, a California sea lion. I was impressed by the relationship he showcased and the level of trust that existed between the two. As the years progressed, I continued to see this theme in everyone that crossed Spouse 7’s path, animal and human alike. He has been always open to anything someone offers and earns the trust of many people extremely quickly. Spouse 7’s heart is always open to new people, to new experiences, to new adventures; and this is one of the many qualities I love about him. To find someone that truly shares these qualities with me, that truly cares about the world and each individual that inhabits it, that has passion for life, is one of the reasons I know Spouse 7 is the one for me.

Spouse 7 was born and raised in Hawaii and I believed in my heart , from a very young age, that I would fall in love with someone from the islands. I was fortunate enough to have that belief become a reality. After being in each other’s company for several years in Hawaii, Spouse 7 and I lived apart for numerous years due to work, with him residing on O’ahu and myself in California. But despite being divided by the massive Pacific Ocean our connection never faltered. I can still remember the feeling of my heart racing each time I saw an email in my inbox from Spouse 7 and I am proud to say that still holds true today when he emails me from work to see how my day is going. The fact that my feelings have not changed, but have only strengthened in intensity, and that his behavior still effects me so and makes me smile with the largest grin, is yet another reason I know Spouse 7 is the one.

Spouse 7 continues to be a passion in my life. His aloha spirit and addictive personality remind me daily of my luck and fortune to have him in my existence and to be getting to pledge my devotion to him for the rest of my life.


Thank you for helping me make this very difficult decision.




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by Michael Clemens