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And the winner is. . .

Let me start by saying that this giveaway for a free wedding shoot for one LGBT couple has been an incredible experience for me so far.  Not only has every couple been so gracious and grateful for the possibility, but they have been so appreciative of the support of the larger LGBT community. Every couple has been so deserving of something nice for them.  Additionally, I've been totally overwhelmed by the outpouring by friends , family and complete strangers to the couples.  

The reason I made this go to the online poll, was that I was hoping to get to know the couples a little more through their friends and family and some of their backstories to help me make the final decision.  Well, I feel that I have.


So without further delay, I'd like to congratulate Easton and Matthew on being the couple selected for the shoot!  These two gentlemen had so much support from so many people, it was truly inspiring.  But most of all, they are trying to do this wedding with a lot of help from a lot of people to keep costs down because their ultimate goal is to have a family.  They are trying to save every penny to go towards the very expensive adoption process (which is more than most entire wedding costs).  Being a father myself, I know the joy my children bring to me and I can only hope that this couple will get to share that same experience.  

And yet, I was so moved by so many stories, and I couldn't decide on just ONE couple, that I've decided to give away TWO wedding shoots.   

So, the second couple that I am going to shoot has dealt with quite a lot of adversity.  Living in an area that does not support marriage equality, and having some of their friends and family struggle with the concept as well, they are flying to another city to be married.  So, I thought I could fly to another city too to shoot their wedding as well.

So congratulations to James and Kenneth for ALSO being selected.

To all the couples that didn't get chosen for this giveaway, thank you for sharing your stories with me.  I marvel at your love and commitment to each other and all the struggles you've faced.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be and hope that with each day, we work towards a time when there is no distinction on what kind of love marriage is defined by.

As much as I hope to give these couples something very special to remember their day by, I think I unexpectedly got more from everyone than I could ever give.




by Michael Clemens