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Down the Rhodes


The problem with doing a lot of shoots for people over the holidays is that you can't share for fear of spoiling the long awaited Christmas card :).  So in the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some family photo sessions I did over the past several months  . . ..

With that said, meet the Rhodes Family.   Their shoot was a particularly fun one for me as I shot Courtney and Aaron's wedding several years ago.  To say they light up a room when they walk in would be an understatement.  I find myself smiling when even "thinking" about these two.  And now, they brought the new two smaller Rhodes and other family with them.  Each and everyone of them nicer than the next.  It's wonderful when you get your subjects to laugh and bring out who they are in photographs, but it's especially fun when your subjects make YOU laugh and have fun.  I can't wait til next year's shoot of this fantastic family.

by Michael Clemens