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Bucket List #3 ...Check

On my wife's bucket list was to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We had two options. . .

1.  Watching from a 15th floor gorgeous apartment on Central Park West and 63rd overlooking the parade and Central Park, or

2. In the grandstands on the parade route.  

Well, my wife, who is ALWAYS cold, chose to be out front and center down IN it.

I think it was last year, while watching the parade on tv, I exclaimed. . . "What kind of lunatics would sit outside watching a parade in that kind of weather?"

I, a native Los Angeleno, who is NEVER cold, have reached a new level of appreciation for just what cold is.  29 degrees , the wind punching you in the face as you have the "prime" seat of no buildings blocking the wind, and sitting still for more than an hour to ensure you got a guaranteed grandstand seat, truly chills you to the bone.  But that's my wife. . . go big or go home (there were quite a few times I was thinking of home while on those metal bleachers).

Our kids , their grandpa, cousins, and aunt all safe and warm in the high rise overlooking the parade, my wife and I huddled together fighting the elements and crowds to be a part of a "once in a lifetime" moment.

Thanks Amy for making me do these kinds of things.

(there aren't nearly as many images as I would normally take, but with no feeling in my extremities, this is what I was able to get)

by Michael Clemens