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To the future. . .

This weekend, I photographed a Bar Mitzvah for a wonderful young man (and family).  I watched as the young man delivered his Haftorah in hebrew and his interpretation in English.  It's a lot of pressure on a 13 year old (I know).  

According to Jewish law, at the age of thirteen a boy is no longer considered a minor and is responsible to fulfill all the Torah’s commandments. The term “bar mitzvah” literally means “son of the mitzvah,” or one who is obligated in mitzvah observance.

The obligation is automatic, whether or not a celebration or special ceremony is held. But since becoming a bar mitzvah is such an important milestone and joyous occasion, we make a point of celebrating together with family and friends.

This image I was able to capture really represented that "moving forward" from boyhood to manhood and literally and figuratively carrying it with you.

Congratulations to the entire family.

by Michael Clemens