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Mitchell | Munch Wedding

There are times in the life of a photographer that you are faced with challenges.  The Mitchell | Munch Wedding had it's share, but also lent itself to some spectacular imagery.  The beautiful bride and handsome groom were not the challenge. .  . the challenge was how to capture the ceremony.  The rules are VERY strict inside San Francisco's Grace Cathedral.  I was not allowed past the last piew , nor was I allowed to go down the outer sides of the church during the ceremony.  No flash, no noise, no chance. . right?  Well, knowing that 99% of the ceremony was going to look the same, I took a chance on the bride's walk down the aisle.  Sure, I could have gone for the "typical" or "traditional" shot of her and her dad coming towards me, but since the rest of the ceremony wouldn't lend itself to being creative photographically, I decided to take a chance now and get a shot that was different from the norm.  

This was an all day wedding with getting ready shots beginning at 2pm and the wedding didn't end until after midnight.  But what a wedding it was.  From the earlier mentioned Grace Cathedral to the gorgeous Fairmont blocks away, it was a true fairytale wedding.

There was even an old Rolls Royce to take the couple from the church to the hotel.

The bridesmaids were stunning, the groomsmen all good looking nice guys, this was a wedding to remember.

A phenomenal touching speech by the father of the bride, a crowd that danced all night, and a fantastic band.

My 2nd challenge , as gorgeous as it was, was the fairmont reception.  With styled lighting, comes a very dark place to take photographs.  Having done a scout and planning ahead, I used my first "assistant" to help me with some off camera lighting (thank you Megan!).  

Here are some of the results . . .