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Mariah and Clay

I will never be able to appropriately describe Mariah and Clay.  I used to work with Mariah years ago, and although I've seen her on the periphery via Facebook, we haven't connected in quite a number of years.  Well, a lot has changed. . . she's married, has a house, and now expecting her first baby in a few months.  So when she got in touch with me to take maternity photos, I jumped at the chance ( ...said in my best dad voice : and I could check out this "guy" she was married to).  Well this "guy" was equally as wonderful, funny, well spoken and super fun to be around.  There are not two people more suited for each other.  Their humor and fun loving nature made it a dream to shoot. . . . not taking everything so seriously, and just "going with it".  I've said it before, that a photographer is only as good as what they get from their subjects. . . and they gave me LOTS.   I can't wait to meet the little man when he arrives (and take some "outside" photos of him :) ).  (oh yeah, and their dog 'Moose' joined in for some of the fun.)