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Losing greatness


I've had the pleasure of marrying into a BIG family.  The one at the top of this very large family , the one that had all the stories, the one that was as quick as a whip, and had a smile that lit up every room passed away last night.  A few weeks shy of her 97th birthday , Jane (or Mary Jane, or Mimi, or Mom) was as sharp as anyone could be.  She and I actually shared the same birthday, April 4th.  It was fun sharing my birthday with her as she would get most of the focus of the day (which was so deserved, and great for me who hates the fuss).  The past few weeks have been difficult watching her not be herself.  She would lay there in bed at first being able to flaunt that smile, and crack a joke, but soon, she would just lay there not really 'knowing' that we there there. Our visits just consisted of holding her well aged hand for a while and a kiss on the forehead.    I know it sounds crazy, but I felt like I had a special connection with her even though she had TONS of grand children and great grandchildren; and  I just married in to this group.  

She raised 3 amazing kids of her own who have so many of the same qualities that she possessed.  A quality person such as Mary Jane could only produce quality children.  

She will be truly missed by so many.

by Michael Clemens