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"holy s*** this guy is amazing!"

That's possibly the best quote I've ever received. I was contacted by Kate's mom initially. She was researching photographers and found me online. A lovely woman (even by email) we instantly became fond of each other. She sent my website to her daughter, Kate, and that was the response:

“Holy s*** this guy is amazing!” and “That labyrinth shot was gorgeous!”

She was referring to one of my all time favorite wedding shots that I took at Grace Cathedral. Kate and Morgan too were getting married at Grace and seeing that shot I took sold them on hiring me for their wedding day. That was a challenge for me. . . try to get the same shot, but somehow try and improve on it. The original one was spur of the moment due to the fact that facing the other way, towards the bride walking in, was a mess of stuff. .. .exit signs, visitors station, tourists waiting, giant glass doors. Why shoot that way when you have that gorgeous wall of stone and stained glass . This was NOT the traditional shot though. . . and I only had 1 maybe 2 changes to get it. This time, I was prepared. I also, in my attempt at improving the older image, I set up a flash behind Kate and her dad to fire as they passed. I was hoping to get that beautiful rim light that would surround them. Also, because this was during the day, we luckily got the beautiful colors on the labyrinth ground making the shot even more magical.

by Michael Clemens