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shooting friends . . .

Recently, I've done a lot of shoots for friends.  It's truly one of the most difficult things for me to do for several reasons.

1.  I want every single image to be better than the next.  I want each one to be that magical kind that you hope for once or twice a year, except I was EVERY one to be that way.

2.  I want the family feel like they are doing it because they like my work, and not feel "obligated" because I'm a friend.

3.  I want them to take away from the shoot images that are going to be special for years to come.

Well, I received this email after delivering images from my latest "friend" shoot.

I'm speechless. . .



these surpass even what i had imagined they would be, and i pride myself on my imagination.

#1 i know you spent too much time on these.  i just know it. 

#2 location, light, lens are *such* good choices, clemmy, but it's your artistic hand that makes these moments in time so special.

wow.  i can't tell you how happy i am to be a part of my family in (some amazing) photos.

you know how it is....0.2% of my family photos have me in them.  i only wish i could return the favor to you...

you've given me and my family a very special gift.   these are legacy photos, clemmy.

you remember that photo of your grandma, or mom, or any other loved one...on the wall in your place growing up,

on your grandma's shelf?   my kids are going to have a few of your photos in their minds forever(!)

a photo of yours is going to be the one they remember hanging on their wall growing up.

you might have heard it from every person you've taken pictures of, but that's only because it's true.

you might think i speak in hyperbole (i've been known too), but i believe what i'm saying.

i was a big fan, but now i'm a true believer.

i'm no longer on the sidelines, i'm there.

clemmy, i can't thank you enough for sharing, not only your time with us, but your gift.

terp (and the other terps)

by Michael Clemens