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why I do what I do . . .

I love photography. . .

I love the art of it.

I love the creativity of it.

I love the technology behind it.

But what I realized the other day, and most important of all, I love the emotion and history that photographs provide. . . the heart of it.

I shot a couple several years ago on their wedding day. They are a wonderful couple who couldn't have been more complimentary of the images I gave to them.

A few days ago, the bride lost her Grandfather, who was possibly her favorite person in the world. She had a special relationship with him. It was evident when you looked at how they acted towards each other. . . unquestionable love.

I can relate to this myself because my grandmother and I had a special relationship as well. To this day, I can't describe it, but there was just something a little extra special. We just "got" each other. She passed away many years ago, but there is rarely a day that I don't have a thought about her.

Anyway, a few days ago, when this bride lost her most special Grandfather, she shared a post "Goodbye Zadie" on Facebook. It was a way to tell all she knew , just what he meant to her and the bond they had.

Accompanying her post, was one photo. . . one that I was able to capture on her wedding day.

The fact that of all images, it was one of mine that she sought out, solidified to me why I do what I do.

I'm so sorry for her loss, but I'm so thankful she has that image to remember him by.

We will always have our memories, but over time, they fade.  Images last forever.


by Michael Clemens