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Best Feet Forward

A wonderful mom at my children's school came to me with a request to help her with a project for her daughter's room.

It's based on a project I volunteer for each year for the 5th grade class called "Inspirational Soles".  It's a series of shots of the kid's feet in the shoes that represent what they want to be when they grow up.

The purpose of the mom's request for a special shoot was because she wanted to re-design her daughter's room with a sports theme.  The problem was, that everything "sports" was either really girly, or really masculine.  This way, it would not only be more appropriate, but it would be completely personal.  We went out to a local park and below are three images I took as well as a shot of how the (black and white) versions were used in the final design of the new room.

From the colors to the quotes, it's such a clever way to make a little girls room beautiful and inspirational.

I can't think of a better way my photographs have been displayed.



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by Michael Clemens