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Father/Daughter(s) Dance


This weekend was the yearly Father/Daughter dance.  My girls really look forward to it each year.  You may not believe this, but I'm not that much of a dancer :).  We started the night with a nice dinner with nearby, and then off to the dance.  Well, as many (most) fathers stood off the dance floor watching all their kids dance, I was promptly dancing and sweating all night as I watched my 6 and 7 year old sing all the words to "I'm sexy and I know it" (not my favorite moment of the night).  I was sporting my TWO boutonnieres (purple and yellow for the Lakers, and blue and white for the Dodgers as it was explained to me).  They each got a wrist corsage from me that they proudly sported all night, trying so hard not to bump it.  Ego, embarrassment, and shyness all go out the window when you watch those two happy faces so proud to be there with their dad.  I can't wait 'til next year.

by Michael Clemens