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one of my favorites. . .


So this is a shot of my oldest a few years ago at Christmas time. It's one of my favorites.  We decorate our tree out front with lights and giant silver balls. (we've now added giant lit up stars as well).

But her look of wonder was so precious, I couldn't help but grab my camera and take a few shots.  Once she saw me shooting her, she got a bit shy and left the area.  

It's those fleeting moments that are so important.  Now, as she runs out the front door, she may take a glance at the lit up tree, but now it's just "the lit up tree".  The older I get, the more I tend to focus on how fast life moves.

My 'little one' (13 months younger) still has a little of the wide-eyed-ness going for her, but she's forced a bit, being so close in age to her 'big' sister, to grow up faster than normal.  We haven't gotten all the lights up yet (with only 12 days left until Christmas), but hopefully I'll be able to get some shots that also become a favorite.





by Michael Clemens