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Finding my own footing . . .

Being a parent, I find that most of what makes me think, is watching my girls find their way.  My youngest daughter, who I've mentioned before, has an incredible will.  She will not let fear beat her.

She went on a play date with her friend and her friends mom.  They went to a rock climbing gym.  The mom assured my little girl that she didn't have to do it if she didn't want to.  I can certainly say, she was scared.  But being scared makes my little one angry that she's IS scared (I wish I was more like her).  So what does she do?  Harnesses up, and beings to try and find her footing.

She first went up a few "rocks" , and then came down (repelling like she's done it for years).  She went up a second time, and went up even higher, third time, higher, until reality set in and she realized just how high up she was.

I learn so much everyday from my kids, and they have no idea that I too am just trying to find my own footing.

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by Michael Clemens