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Some people are more 'camera shy' than others . . .

Well, I'm not sure if this perfectly portrays "shy", but there are times when people just don't want their picture taken. No matter what you look like, pretty, ugly, tall, short, good hair day, bad hair day (no hair day), people have a view of themselves that is often not the same view as others have of them. Last night, out with the girls and friends, I wanted to take a picture of my friend. Whenever I pointed the camera her way (even in "stealth mode"), I got the blocking of the face, or turning away. She was too aware of me. There was nothing I was going to do or say to get her to look at me. I'm not a fan of "posed" shots anyway. The candid photograph far better represents the person's look than when they are posing for the camera. No matter if you're the biggest ham in the world, the fact of knowing your picture is taken makes your face not your face any longer. Often times, even if a person is "good" at posing/smiling, there is an immeasurable essence missing. Well, don't tell her, but I did get a nice one of her watching her daughter that she wasn't aware of.  This one is not that one, however,  my friend, I think you're "#1" too.

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by Michael Clemens